Art Direction + Design by Katie Moore


Hello! I’m Katie Moore.

I’ve been a professional designer and art director for eleven years. After five years at a record label, I've been braving the world of freelance ever since. 

I have collaborated with over 200 artists, record labels, and magazines. I’ve been a voting member of The Recording Academy, nominated for a Dove Award, and designed one of Paste Magazine's best album covers of 2013. (I came in just above Yeezus. I'll take it.)

I grew up in Tennessee, interned in New York, and currently reside in Los Angeles with my cat named Gary.

In my spare time you'll find me at a museum or reading books about history. I have a deep love for Andy Warhol, 18th century France, and reality television. My favorite song is any song Otis Redding ever touched, and my favorite human is RuPaul.